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Some usability tricks and tips

In this post I’m sharing some of the little tricks I use on my pc.

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Install audio and video codecs in ubuntu

I already did a piece on medibuntu here, but in this post I’ll explain how to install the audio and video codecs for ubuntu.

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As most of you know today is the firefox 3 download day.

Mozilla is trying to set the record for most downloads in 24 hours.

But for once the Ubuntu devs are extremly fast in updating their repositories.

You can already use the update manager to download and install firefox 3 final.

I thought it would be weeks before it got in.

Together with firefox 3 comes a new kernel (2.6.24-19) and lots of other updates.

That being said, Opera released their new browser (9.5). A .deb package can be downloaded on their website.

Their new “skin” looks awefull on ubuntu, but you can download the old skins from their servers.

Guide to customizing Ubuntu’s look and feel

In this guide I’m going to explain, as easy as humanly possible, how to customize the look and feel of just about anything in Ubuntu.

note: this page is not bandwidth friendly.

updated 09/08/08

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It’s coming!

It was about time too!