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RIP Automatix

As some of you might know already, automatix development has ceased.

Automatix is/was an application that would install codecs and applications.

It was a must have tool in early ubuntu versions but it has been obsolete for a few years now.

In gutsy it was causing more trouble that it’s worth.

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Gnome 2.22 clock in ubuntu 7.10

Gnome’s new clock is great.  It lets you set extra clocks for other timezones.

For people posting on international forums or chatting with for people from all around the world this is useful.

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Linux file system

Most people coming from windows have a hard time understanding the linux file structure.

They are use to  locations that start with letters.

Linux file structures don’t work like that and that can be confusing.

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Music applet

I used to use Amarok on ubuntu, but now I prefer exaile because it integrates better into my gnome desktop.

The one thing I missed was it’s icon in the panel where you could forward songs, pause them, …

After looking through synaptic I found something like that, but better.

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Don’t upgrade to hardy yet!

If you are thinking about upgrading (don’t ‘alt+f2’ and then gksudo “update-manager -d” ) well don’t do it yet.

I did last night, besides it having to download about 1gb and taking about an hour to run it’s installer, it can break you desktop.

I couldn’t get the gnome daemon to work, and x would fail allot.

It’s only a few more weeks till the final (read stable) version comes out.

Just a heads up.