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I’ve just done a post about livestation, when I stumbled across another tv viewing app for linux (and osx and windows) called Zattoo.

They offer a .deb package that works on Ubuntu, so installation is easy as pie.

I think they have a better collection of tv channels.

For instance, me being Belgian, I find it great that they have VT4. A commercial station that broadcasts shows like friends, dexter, lost, heroes, according to jim, … and movies.

They all have the original English audio so anyone can watch them (they do have dutch subs).

Some other channels include a poker channel, a motor sport channel, …

A full list of channels is available on their website.

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Livestation is a app that will allow you to watch major tv channels (mostly news channels) from around the world from your desktop.

They just released their Linux version. It seems more and more people are starting to realize we are out there.

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In case anyone is wondering on how to install firefox 3.0.2, update your system and you’ll be using it.

The release notes for this new release can be read here:

Note: It seems there are some people that claim this update broke firefox in some way or another. I suspect a new update in a few days.

New vlc player (0.9.2)

Vlc is consider the best all-round video player on all platforms.

The new version brings a lot of improvements (see here).

The new player is QT4, so that is good news for the KDE4 crowd. I still prefer Gtk, because it integrates better in the Gnome DE, but that’s just the way it is.

Theoretically it will not make the Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex repositories, but there is talk of making an exception for this popular piece of software.

I didn’t find the new Linux version on the official site yet, but it seems there is a repo available from where you can find it.

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New flash player 10 RC

The new flash player 10 RC from Adobe is out today.

I have updated my original article, so that one has the instructions to install the lastest version.

Click here to read it.

Again, full screen performance for linux has improved. 🙂

Keep reading for a full list of changes and bugfixes.

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Do you like the new header?
1) Yes, it is great.
2) It is better than the old one.
3) I do not care.
4) Hate it, put the old one back.

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Forget firestarter

Firestarter is pretty well know as a way to set up your iptables (firewall), but the general consensus now is that ufw (uncomplicated firewall) is better (don’t ask me why :p ).

Ufw needs to be configured using the cli (check man page) but some kind soul made a good GUI for it.

Download it here:

I’m using it myself and see why people prefer it to firestarter.

Before someone asks, once configured it will stay that way, so you don’t need to be running gufw on your desktop all the time!