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Zimbra Desktop

The Zimbra Desktop is out of beta and has launched it’s first stable version on all major platforms.

Zimbra Desktop is an email client by Yahoo.

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Fixing some Ubuntu 9.04 annoyances

Ubuntu 9.04 is turning out to be a great upgrade from Ibex (unless you have Intel graphics) but there are some minor annoyances that need tweaking imho.

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Saving videos from cache

We all know it’s easy to download videos from youtube and other big video sites.

There are a multitude of websites and tools for them.

But what if you need to save a video from a more obscure source or don’t want to bother with those tools/sites?

It’s pretty easy.

Let the video load. When it’s done, open your file manager and browse to /tmp.

You’ll find a video sitting there just waiting to be copied to another location.

Remove trash in Ubuntu

So you have a file in your Trash and you can’t remove it no matter how many times you tried?

The solution is simple!

Press “alt+f2” and enter

gksu nautilus

Navigate to “/home/yourusername/.local/share/Trash” and delete the contents of both folders.

Setting up Evolution Mail (gmail and hotmail)

Like many people I have multiple email addresses.

I had a hotmail one and a gmail one, both equally important.

Recently hotmail offers free pop access so I thought the time was right to start using a email client.

In this how-to I’ll provide step by step instructions on setting up your gmail and hotmail account in Evolution.

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KDE 4.2

I’ve been a Gnome user ever I started using Linux a little over 2 years ago.

Sure I’ve flirted with other WM and DE but Gnome always stayed my favorite.

When KDE 4 came out it looked promising but I was not impressed with it at all.

It was slow, had lots of bugs and not much going for it really besides it’s looks.

KDE 4.1 was more of the same, still not impressed.

That all changed when version 4.2 came out a little while ago.

I now use KDE 4.2 and haven’t looked back.

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Firefox is back!

A lot has happened since Firefox 3 launched and other browsers were catching up to the all powerfull open source browser, but it’s back.

Firefox 3.1 beta 2 is out and boy it’s fast.

It comes with the new Tracemonkey javascript engine andĀ  Gecko 1.9.1.

Tab switching is faster and it hasĀ  “private browsing”, read more about the new features here.

Download the beta here.

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