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Changing default applications

In Ubuntu 8.04 it’s surprisingly hard to change default applications to something of your liking.

Sure you can right-click a mp3 file and set it to be open with the player of your choice, but that’s not enough.

What if you want dvd’s to be opened with vlc instead of totem? What if you want cd’s to be opened with exaile instead of rythmbox? If you search for files mp3’s get opened with totem,  … all these things can’t be changed with the provided GUI nor with “gconf-editor”.

I hope this will be “fixed” in the next Ubuntu release this October.

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Miro is a open-source cross-platform application, the program can read RSS feeds and it will let you download and manage the videos in those feeds.

Besides that it can also download videos from url and bittorrent and it will let you import all the videos on your harddrive and create playlists for them.

All of its features can be found on the miro feature page or you can watch a demo here.

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Ubuntu Stories

A few days ago I got an email from a friendly person called “Karol Fabjańczuk” about a new website to promote Ubuntu.

A quote from the email describes the purpose of the website rather nicely.

Some time ago I’ve got an idea to add my small brick to Ubuntu wall
doing what I can do best – by designing. I’ve prepared with my friend
a website where people can read about Ubuntu and share their stories
how they are using it.

The website looks very good and it’s nice to read about other peoples experiences with our beloved gnu/linux distro.

You can find the website on the following URI:

Cracking rar, 7z and zip archives

Everyone comes across password protected archives every now and then.

But what when you can’t remember the password or never knew it?

The easiest thing would be to ask the creator of the archives, but if that’s not possible, it’s time to do a brute force attack on the archive.

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Battle Of The IM’s

Today I’m having a look at most Instant Messengers that can handle the MSN protocol.

I’m not very happy that I use this protocol but it’s the only one used in this part of the world.

I’ll take a better look at 7 IM’s and rate them according to my biased opinion.

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