PCLinuxOS 2010 beta review

Once upon a time, PCLinuxOS was the biggest desktop distro. It came from nowhere straight to the top, beating Ubuntu and other big distros.

But as fast as it rose to the top, even faster was its decline.

The next release was no where near as popular as it’s predecessor. The distro seemed to have faded into the giant pool of small Linux distros.

Is PCLOS once again a serious contender for the desktop with the 2010 release?

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Updated pages

I’ve updated the Screenhots, FAQ, Contact and Links section of this website (top).

Elive 2.0 Stable review

Elive is a Belgian, Debian based distro using the Enlightenment (E17) window manager.

If you want to install Elive 2.0 to your hard drive, you will need to donate money to its creator.

This fact was not mentioned on Elive’s homepage, so this came as a surprise to me when I wanted to install it.

You have to donate at least €15 before you get access to the module required to run the installer.

As a result, I can only review the live CD.

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Like the Phoenix, this blog rises from the ashes.

It seems I back. I’ve taken a long, long break from this blog. I thought I was done with it but I was wrong.

The tone of this blog will change. I am no longer intrested in doing how-to’s. I will review Linux distro’s, applications and trends and give my opinion on them.

Old posts will not be updated.

That being said, if people are interested in writing how-to’s or whatever, I will post them. Give me a shout out at “billgoldbergmania@gmail.com”.

The theme will also be changed since it doesn’t render correctly in Firefox 3.6.

Firefox Notify

Firefox doesn’t play nice with the new notify system in Jaunty.

Luckily for us someone made an add-on to fix this.


Follow instructions on that page to get it working nicely.