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Make a custom login screen

There are alot of login screen you can download @ , but what if you want your own picture?

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I wrote about Ubackup a while back, well it’s the same program, just another name.

But the program has improved alot. It’s no longer terminal based and it can do alot more than it use to do.

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No, that is no insult. It stands for Boot Up Manager.

Comes in handy for older systems or people who doesn’t want unnecessary things running on their pc.

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Some people aren’t aware that epiphany (gnome’s default browser) has extentions.

Use this command in the terminal (applications -> accessories -> terminal) to install them

sudo apt-get install epiphany-extensions

Then you can select them from tools – extensions in epiphany.

epiphany extensions

Ubuntu course

Something I only came across today.

It seems there is a official ubuntu 7.10 course available. It’s aimed at people who know nothing or not much about ubuntu and it will help them take the proverbial leap of faith.

There is a student and teacher edition available. So I guess it could be learned in computer courses.

The files can be downloaded here.

note: i will take the full course, I don’t really need it, you never know when you can learn something new.