Can I use parts or whole articles your wrote and use them on my website?

Yes, if you mention this website and link back.

Will you review my distro/product?

Yes, if you pay me. This isn’t a charity. Email me @billgoldbergmania@gmail.com

Who are you?


The “wrestler”?

No. Billgoldberg isn’t my real name. I hate wrestling.

How can I get in touch with you?

Mail me at: billgoldbergmania@gmail.com

What OS do you use?

Windows 7 and OpenSUSE 11.2

Why is there a big paypal button on you website?

Why not?

Has anyone ever send you a donation?

Yes. Two kind souls have send me €5.

Some of your articles are outdated, will you update them?


What distro do you advice newcomers to use?


Why aren’t you posting “how-to’s” anymore?

When I started this blog years ago, there were few websites that offered easy instructions for Linux newcomers.

Linux has become more popular since then. There are thousands of blogs out there that do “how-to’s”.

A lot of them do a good job of breaking stuff down.

I have an article/how-to I want you to post. Will you do that?

Maybe. Mail me the article and I will look over it. If it’s good, I’ll post it and give you credit.

Have more questions? Ask them in the comments.

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