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Windows 7, the Linux killer?

On many tech blogs/sites I have read a lot about Windows 7 and a lot of articles say the new OS from Redmond could be claim back some Linux converts.

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Ubuntu 8.10 beta review

As promised a while back, I’m doing a review on 8.10.

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Ubuntu 8.04, newbie material?

Ubuntu is considered as one of the most “newbie friendly” linux distro’s today. But is it really?

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Had enough with the crappy flash player for linux?

It’s time to act on it.

It’s come to my attention that adobe now has a new bug system.

Get an account and vote for the problem.

bad full screen playback together with cpu eating
slow frame rates (non full screen)
text encoding issues

And don’t forget the most important one.

Flash player crashes and takes firefox with it.

Who knows, they might start listening to their users.

I guess someone should add an “make it open source” bug … (insert evil laugh + knuckle cracking)

Restricted extra’s in hardy, there’s a catch!

As most of you know, installing the “ubuntu-restricted-extras” is a fast and easy way to install lots of much needed stuff in ubuntu.

Well, in the hardy release they decided to put “open-java” in there instead of java6.

Why, why?

People install the restricted extras so their media and apps would work. Putting in open-java was a bad move and will only add another step in the customizing process.

I had to remove the package from synaptic and install “sun-java6-jre” and the plugin from synaptic to get frostwire running.

CNR, don’t use it

I’m going to be short about this one.

CNR is a kind of package manager that also has a website where you can download and install stuff.

It’s installed by default on freespire but can be installed on a number of distro’s (including ubuntu).

Why shouldn’t you use it?

1. You already have synaptic (in ubuntu, which has more software)
2. It has outdated software (like the lastest flash version hasn’t had the exploit fix)
3. The program itself has many security holes. (I’ve heard you don’t even need a password to install stuff).

Yeah, that was short.

Don’t upgrade to hardy yet!

If you are thinking about upgrading (don’t ‘alt+f2’ and then gksudo “update-manager -d” ) well don’t do it yet.

I did last night, besides it having to download about 1gb and taking about an hour to run it’s installer, it can break you desktop.

I couldn’t get the gnome daemon to work, and x would fail allot.

It’s only a few more weeks till the final (read stable) version comes out.

Just a heads up.