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Like the Phoenix, this blog rises from the ashes.

It seems I back. I’ve taken a long, long break from this blog. I thought I was done with it but I was wrong.

The tone of this blog will change. I am no longer intrested in doing how-to’s. I will review Linux distro’s, applications and trends and give my opinion on them.

Old posts will not be updated.

That being said, if people are interested in writing how-to’s or whatever, I will post them. Give me a shout out at “”.

The theme will also be changed since it doesn’t render correctly in Firefox 3.6.


The “blog” has over 100.000 visitors.

I never thought it was going to be so successful.

I’m stopped using gnome on my desktop and am using fluxbox now. So you might expect a few basic “how-to’s” on fluxbox soon.

(I’m still using gnome on my laptop, and the majority of the posts will be about plain old ubuntu. So don’t worry.)

Also, because I’m using fluxbox (on my more than capable dualcore machine) I’ve started using more and more CLI apps. So expect some posts about that soon.

Screenshots update

I’ve expanded the screenshots section of this website a bit to give a better picture of the different kinds of desktops used in the linux community.

I’ve added some xfce, icewm, fvwm, fluxbox and enlightement desktops.

Hardy Heron Final

Since this is an Ubuntu blog, I suppose I should state the obvious by saying the new Ubuntu LTS verion is out.


This version has long term support and can be downloaded here.

I downloaded my version here but that’s not actually ment to be downloaded by normal users.

There are already torrents on the piratebay, but it’s best to wait untill ubuntu updates their download page and then get the torrent from there.

The free cd’s can be ordered here.

Check for more info.

If you already use the RC or Beta version of hardy use the update manager and apply all updates. You are now using the Hardy Final.

This will also mean that all info I’m going to post from now on on this blog will apply to Hardy Heron.

A new page added called “try ubuntu”

I added a new page called “try ubuntu” where I try to explain people whey they should give ubuntu a try.

It’s aimed at the normal computer user that doesn’t care about open source or freedom but just want a working OS.