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KDE 4.2

I’ve been a Gnome user ever I started using Linux a little over 2 years ago.

Sure I’ve flirted with other WM and DE but Gnome always stayed my favorite.

When KDE 4 came out it looked promising but I was not impressed with it at all.

It was slow, had lots of bugs and not much going for it really besides it’s looks.

KDE 4.1 was more of the same, still not impressed.

That all changed when version 4.2 came out a little while ago.

I now use KDE 4.2 and haven’t looked back.

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I wrote about Ubackup a while back, well it’s the same program, just another name.

But the program has improved alot. It’s no longer terminal based and it can do alot more than it use to do.

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Hardy Heron (ubuntu 8.04 LTS) Alpha 2 screenshots.

I don’t really see a difference with Gutsy Gibbon so I hope they will change there themes and make ubuntu more appealing out of the box.

If you want more people to use linux, the desktop environment has to look GREAT. With ubuntu that isn’t the case, the standard destkop is just plain and not very appealing. Sure most users change there themes, icons,  … so everything looks marvelous and tops anything other operating systems have going on, but if you want to broaden the linux userbase the standard theme needs to look better.

Any how, here are the screenshots.

Vista Transformation Pack

Most linux users prefer Ubuntu over MS Vista (duh!), but some of those users like the vista theme very much.

Like the vista transformation pack for MS XP, there is now one for gnome to.

Including wallpapers, vista sidebar, emerald themes, …

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My desktop

Linux is great, you can change pretty much everything you want.

Since i don’t like the default ubuntu theme, the first thing I do is change the way ubuntu looks and feels.

I’ll show you my desktop, with all the info you need.

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