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Remix controversy

After the news got out about Ubuntu’s netbook remix, the included propietory codecs and even possible cooperation with Microsoft, some people were questioning Ubuntu.

While most people thought this to be a good move from Canonical to help spread Linux, open-source zealots found it not-done.

Mark Shuttleworth (ubuntu’s founder and philanthropist) responded on the

There is (again) absolutely no truth to the rumour that Canonical has
done a deal with Microsoft for access to codecs – either in return for
money, or for some other quid-pro-quo. – Mark Shuttleworth

He went on to say that they might work together with MS under transparent and reasonable conditions if the necessity arises.

I personally find it a good thing that newcomers to Ubuntu (linux) have codecs preinstalled by the OEM on their netbook.

That saves them the trouble of having to install it afterwards, because let’s face it, most of us do install them.


Linux Mint 5 Elyssa

Linux mint is an Linux distro based on and fully compatible with Ubuntu.

Linux Mint is more oriented towards new users or users who just want to keep things easy.

Some media codecs are already installed by default, a different “start” menu, nicer looking art work, those are just some of the “advantages” Mint has over the standard Ubuntu distro.

Now don’t get me wrong, I won’t be using this one.

I like to customize stuff myself, but if you are looking to hook someone up with a Linux distro and you could not help them set it up, I would suggest this one.

Read more about the Elyssa distro here.

Firefox 3 RC 1

I know firefox 3 RC 2 is already out, but firefox 3 RC 1 is now in the ubuntu repositories.

So if you update your system, you’ll get it.

Installing RC 2 shouldn’t be any different than installing beta versions.

Use the search function on the top right to search for those.

Share files between 2 ubuntu computers

If you have two computers running Ubuntu on the same network, it could be an good idea to use openssh to share files between them.

The setup shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes.

updated for Ibex.

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Google Gadgets

Google gadgets are now available for linux.

Download the .deb files here.

You can launch the program by pressing “alt+f2” and typing “ggl-gtk”.

If you want to launch it in the sidebar, type ” /usr/bin/ggl-gtk -s -bg” instead.

Add one of those commands to “system -> preferences -> sessions” to start google gadgets when you start your pc.

google desktop

Nicotine +

There is more in the p2p world than the Gnutella network (Limewire, Frostwire, …).

A great p2p network is the Soulseek network.

It’s a bit smaller but it’s great for less commercial songs.

If you can’t find a song on Frostwire, try this one.

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Accessing upnp server from ubuntu

I have a mediatomb server running on my desktop and use it to stream content to my ps3.

As I’ve got my laptop back today, I thought it would be useful if I could also connect to it from my laptop.

This task seemed not so trivial as I thought.

For some reason I was in the illusion that I could easily connect to it using either vlc for videos and any audio player for music.

That wasn’t the case.

Rhythmbox has a upnp plugin but you’ll have to install some lib’s from the repo and even then I couldn’t use it.

I could connect to the server using firefox (entering the address for the server), but that’s isn’t very useful.

The only decent option available for ubuntu is to mount the server as drive.

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