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Firefox is back!

A lot has happened since Firefox 3 launched and other browsers were catching up to the all powerfull open source browser, but it’s back.

Firefox 3.1 beta 2 is out and boy it’s fast.

It comes with the new Tracemonkey javascript engine and  Gecko 1.9.1.

Tab switching is faster and it has  “private browsing”, read more about the new features here.

Download the beta here.

If you need help installing, keep reading.

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Automate your backups

In this short “how-to” I’ll explain on how to back up your home folder (or anything else you want) every week.

I’ll be using rsync and bash script and a cron job.

The whole thing will take 2 minutes to set up.

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Metacity compositing

Everyone knows Compiz Fusion, but what if you don’t want to run it on your system?

Instead of just not using it, you could use Metacity compositing.

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I finally moved to Arch

I have been bored with Ubuntu since Hardy.

A  lot of people were claiming Arch Linux was THE distro for people wanting more control and speed.

I had nothing to do yesterday so I downloaded the iso (around 300mb) and installed it.

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Songbird 1.0

After a long period of beta versions, Songbird 1.0 is out.

The big question is: is it any good?

Let’s find out.

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