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Forget convertxtodvd for windows, here comes mandvd!

I saw it on getdeb and decided to install it. Oh man, was I glad I did.

It let’s you convert .avi, .mpg, … to dvd format.

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Animated Background

A little app in the Trevino’s repository called XWinWrap makes your background animated.

The how-to is located here.

Netscape Navigator gets the axe.

This came unexpected to me. I just started using NN 9 and know I hear they are axing it.

Read the article here.

Hardy Heron (ubuntu 8.04 LTS) Alpha 2 screenshots.

I don’t really see a difference with Gutsy Gibbon so I hope they will change there themes and make ubuntu more appealing out of the box.

If you want more people to use linux, the desktop environment has to look GREAT. With ubuntu that isn’t the case, the standard destkop is just plain and not very appealing. Sure most users change there themes, icons,  … so everything looks marvelous and tops anything other operating systems have going on, but if you want to broaden the linux userbase the standard theme needs to look better.

Any how, here are the screenshots.

Converting .rpm to .deb

Ever came across an program or other utility you wanted but they only offer .rpm files for linux?

Well thanks to TrakerJon on I found an easy way to convert those files to .deb.

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Gimp tips

I used to use Photoshop allot on windows xp and vista and was not quite happy about the Gimp at first. However after reading some tutorials and just messing with the program I found it to be a decent replacement for photoshop.

The basic gimp isn’t good enough since the brushes are pretty weak, the windows are all over the place and the linux fonts aren’t that great.

But hey, the www is a big place and there is always someone somewhere who has a solution.

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Ubuntu Tweak

Ubuntu Tweak 0.2 is a nice little program to change some of the basic compiz fusion effects. It does a few other things also like:

– nautilus and gnome settings
– basic security settings
– power management
– sessions control
– desktop icon settings.

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