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Hardy Heron sound problems?

Since Hardy Heron now uses PulseAudio as default instead of Alsa, some people might have some problems with it.

I was unable to hear the sound on a youtube video when playing a song or visa verse.

There is an easy solution for this.

You need to install “libflashsupport” using synaptic or enter this in a terminal

sudo apt-get install libflashsupport

That will fix that problem.

I don’t understand why it isn’t a dependency for flash, but well, maybe in the next release.

Stream media from ubuntu to your ps3

I’ve written a little how-to before on how to stream music through your local network, but this time I’m writing about streaming all kind of media through the local network.

This how-to is meant to stream to the files from your computer to the ps3 (might work for xbox and wii, but I don’t have those, so I’m not sure). It goes without saying you can access them from other computers as well.

updated 27/08/08 It seems the current version has changed a bit, only minor stuff.
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Had enough with the crappy flash player for linux?

It’s time to act on it.

It’s come to my attention that adobe now has a new bug system.

Get an account and vote for the problem.

bad full screen playback together with cpu eating
slow frame rates (non full screen)
text encoding issues

And don’t forget the most important one.

Flash player crashes and takes firefox with it.

Who knows, they might start listening to their users.

I guess someone should add an “make it open source” bug … (insert evil laugh + knuckle cracking)

Restricted extra’s in hardy, there’s a catch!

As most of you know, installing the “ubuntu-restricted-extras” is a fast and easy way to install lots of much needed stuff in ubuntu.

Well, in the hardy release they decided to put “open-java” in there instead of java6.

Why, why?

People install the restricted extras so their media and apps would work. Putting in open-java was a bad move and will only add another step in the customizing process.

I had to remove the package from synaptic and install “sun-java6-jre” and the plugin from synaptic to get frostwire running.

Screenshots update

I’ve expanded the screenshots section of this website a bit to give a better picture of the different kinds of desktops used in the linux community.

I’ve added some xfce, icewm, fvwm, fluxbox and enlightement desktops.