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5 things to do after installing Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

Ubuntu is a complete, full featured distro. But it can’t come with support for everything OOTB.

That’s why you’ll need to install/tweak some things after installing it.

Especially if you are new to Ubuntu (linux), this will be useful.

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Share Ubuntu folders with Windows (samba)

I just bought a Asus Eeepc 900 yesterday and had to settle for the Windows version.

Since these netbooks come with limited hard drives (ssd actually)  I have to access my music and videos from my Ubuntu desktop.

I already have a ssh server running for my other laptop but setting up ssh in Windows isn’t all that.

In comes Samba.

The last time I tried Samba (Ubuntu Feisty) I had some trouble setting it up, but luckily this has changed.

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Change (gk)sudo timeout

I have always found that the standard behaviour of sudo and gksu in Ubuntu is very dangerous and a huge security thread.

If you don’t know what I mean, I’ll explain.

Every time you enter your password to get root access in the terminal or when launching an app like synaptic, ALL applications can become root without needing a password for 5 minutes.

Let’s disable this behaviour.

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Post your screenshots

I’m going to update the “screenshots” page on this website.

I want to give you the change to get your screenshot(s) on there.

Upload your screenshot to or any image host you want.

Provide the details (wallpaper, gtk theme, icon theme, …) together with the link to the screenshot(s) in the comments.

It doesn’t matter if you are using Ubuntu, Arch, … or Gnome, KDE, fluxbox, … as long as it is Linux (no tiling WM’s :p )

But do mention what DE or WM you are using, to avoid confusion.

If you want a link with your blog, website, … under the picture, so say in the comments.

The screenshots will be posted on the site in the week after the Ubuntu 8.10 final comes out.

The page is the second most viewed post on this website (14 199 views).

Ubuntu 8.10 beta review

As promised a while back, I’m doing a review on 8.10.

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