Had enough with the crappy flash player for linux?

It’s time to act on it.

It’s come to my attention that adobe now has a new bug system.

Get an account and vote for the problem.

bad full screen playback together with cpu eating
slow frame rates (non full screen)
text encoding issues

And don’t forget the most important one.

Flash player crashes and takes firefox with it.

Who knows, they might start listening to their users.

I guess someone should add an “make it open source” bug … (insert evil laugh + knuckle cracking)

    • Marc
    • April 28th, 2008

    Might not be that bad an idea. Adobe already have a Linux version of their Air platform. It’s still in alpha but it works well for me so far.


  1. I haven’t had any problems with the Flash plugin (on Ubuntu 64-bit), it’s the Java plugin that explodes for me. It’d be nice to be able to use Java applets without having to switch to Windows.

    • Debian Rulz
    • May 6th, 2008

    May be there’s some hope…


    • badrra
    • December 4th, 2009

    My solution? get rid of it. Heres my way out of that crap.


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