Metacity compositing

Everyone knows Compiz Fusion, but what if you don’t want to run it on your system?

Instead of just not using it, you could use Metacity compositing.

Metacity’s compositing option will draw shadows around your windows, will give you a more visually “alt – tab” switcher.

It should allow you to use apps that require compositing like the AWN dock.

The biggest reason I use it is because the standard Metacity effect when you minimize or maximize an app is just horrible.

Metacity’s compisiting option will fix that annoyance.

Turn it on

Press “alt + f2” to open the run application dialog and enter


Navigate to “apps -> metacity -> general”.

Tag the little box next to “compositing_manager”.

Metacity will restart and you will be using it seconds after tagging the box.


Gnome 2.24.2 using Metacity compositing

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