I wrote about Ubackup a while back, well it’s the same program, just another name.

But the program has improved alot. It’s no longer terminal based and it can do alot more than it use to do.

What does it do?
How do I install it?

What does it do?

1. Install the proper DVD & Codecs Files so you can Play a DVD in your drive using totem, etc. (works with 7.10 / 7.04 and 32-bit / 64-bit).

2. Install Flash onto your 32-bit or 64-bit system (This is a fix until the current flash problems are resolved by adobe/Ubuntu.)

3. Back-up Your /home folders

4. Back-up Your / folders

5. Back-up Your Configuration files separately (fstab, device.map, mtab, menu.lst, and xorg.conf)

6. Create a Custom Back-up for selected folders

7. Create a Custom Scheduled (Recurring) Back-up (daily, weekly, or monthly). You decide the exact date and time

8. Create a Scheduled 1:1 Synchronized Back-Up of Selected Folders to Another Drive/Partition.

9. Restore Your System /home folders

10. Restore Your / folders

11. Restore Your configuration files

12. Install some common applications (aMSN, aMSN fix, Firestarter, Java, AllTray, and a few others). Nice when you’re starting from scratch (clean install)

13. View Your Mounted Drives

14. House Cleaning (delete unnecessary files throughout your computer).

15. View or Edit Your Key Files (fstab, menu.lst, and xorg.conf).

16. Back-up Your Master Boot Record (MBR).

17. Back-up Your Windows Partition (dual booters) While in Ubuntu.

18. Format Windows Partition in NTFS with gParted.

19. Restore Your Master Boot Record (MBR).

20. Restore Your Windows Back-Up While in Ubuntu.

21. Download Updates/Upgrades with a click of the mouse.

Screenshots (click to enlarge):

1. Main menu


2. Create back-up


3. Restore back-up


4. Schedule back-up


5. Clean unneeded files


6. Install common programs


7. Install flash player


8. Install dvd support


How to install?

Since I want to give the creator full credit I’ll just post a link to his thread on the ubuntu forums. All installations steps are provided there at the bottom of his first post.

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