Some gnome candy!

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FAQ added

I added a FAQ at the top of the page that addresses most common issues with ubuntu like:

– how do I install

– how do I dualboot

– how do i play dvd/mp3/flash videos

– how do i install java

And some other things.

I will add more items later.

Back up your data!

Ever wondered how you could back-up your ubuntu data easily? And install lots of other things like dvd-codecs, msn messenger clone, dvd copy software? Look no futher, Ubackup! does it all for you.

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My desktop

Linux is great, you can change pretty much everything you want.

Since i don’t like the default ubuntu theme, the first thing I do is change the way ubuntu looks and feels.

I’ll show you my desktop, with all the info you need.

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Linux Owns

I made this blog/website to basically just collect everything about linux online.

The linux distro I use is Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, so it’ll only be talking about this distro.