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Forget firestarter

Firestarter is pretty well know as a way to set up your iptables (firewall), but the general consensus now is that ufw (uncomplicated firewall) is better (don’t ask me why :p ).

Ufw needs to be configured using the cli (check man page) but some kind soul made a good GUI for it.

Download it here:

I’m using it myself and see why people prefer it to firestarter.

Before someone asks, once configured it will stay that way, so you don’t need to be running gufw on your desktop all the time!

Setting up proper keyboard shortcuts in gnome

We all know the default keyboard shortcuts in gnome are useless, especially compared to something like fluxbox.

Why can’t you just hook up a command to a keyboard shortcut?

The possibilities would be endless. Press f2 and your sound volume decreases by 5%, press alt+f3 and synaptic launches.

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Boxee, a media center for the modern world

Boxee is an open, connected and social media center for Linux and OSX (Windows not supported yet).

At the moment it is still in an Alpha stadium, but I haven’t had much problems with it.

At the moment you will need an invite to be able to use Boxee, not to worry, I’m giving them away.

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Create a video tutorial (or record desktop)

I have tried Istanbul, (gtk-)recordmydesktop and xvidcap to record my desktop.

Those programs run fine on my gnome laptop, but on my fluxbox setup they don’t work.

That’s how I stumbled onto “Wink”.

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Installing virtualbox on Ubuntu

Virtual Box will allow you to run other operating systems inside of you Ubuntu installation.

You can run xp, other windows distro’s, solaris, freebsd, …

Installation is pretty easy, but there are some steps that might confuse new users.

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