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Changing splash screens (programs + gnome)

Some programs use splash screens. While some look pretty nice, some look like sh*t.

It’s not hard to change them. And why not change the gnome splash screen to?

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Animated Background

A little app in the Trevino’s repository called XWinWrap makes your background animated.

The how-to is located here.

Transform Ubuntu to OSX Leopard.

I’m not a mac fan whatsoever, I even prefer windows to osx, but you can’t deny that SOME of the apple people have creative artwork.

Just as I informed you how to transform ubuntu to a vista-clone, i’ll be doing the same for the leopard lovers.

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Tux avatars

Maybe a bit to much for some, but I came across a site with a hell of a lot tux avatars.

(tux is the penguin associated with linux)

The site also has lots of other stuff worth checking out.

Vista Transformation Pack

Most linux users prefer Ubuntu over MS Vista (duh!), but some of those users like the vista theme very much.

Like the vista transformation pack for MS XP, there is now one for gnome to.

Including wallpapers, vista sidebar, emerald themes, …

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