Livestation is a app that will allow you to watch major tv channels (mostly news channels) from around the world from your desktop.

They just released their Linux version. It seems more and more people are starting to realize we are out there.

Browse to the site and download the linux installer.

Right-click the installer, go to properties, in the permissions tab, select the “allow executing file as program” box.

Double-click the installer and select “run in terminal”.

Press “q” on your keyboard to skip the readme.

Then when prompted, press “y” a few times and enter your password when it asks you for it.

Installation should only take a few seconds.

The app didn’t get added to the applications menu for me. You could launch it using “livestation &” in a terminal or just “livestation” in the “alt+f2” launcher.

Go to “system -> preferences -> main menu”.

Add a new entry under “internet” or “sound & video” for livestation.

That’s it.

The interface is a bit glitchy when you are running Compiz Fusion.

I suggest you go to “applications -> add/remove” and install the “compiz fusion icon”. Launch it from “applications -> system  tools -> compiz fusion icon” and set your Windows Manager to “Metacity”.

Some screenshots from the app when it’s running:

(don’t mind the gray bar, that’s because of the screenshot, it isn’t actually there when running)

  1. Great to see a Linux review of our product… and why shouldn’t we do one?

    We use a mixture of Linux, Mac and Windows at work on both desktop and server. Mac OSX is based on Free BSD, so if you support that… you’re half way there.

    Besides, as an engineering team we get a warm fuzzy glow from launching Linux at the same time as the others 🙂 (and a bunch of the team couldn’t watch Livestation unless we did a Linux release). The plan is to keep feature parity among all three platforms.

    On the build itself:
    There’s been complexity from the number of distributions out there… but then for Windows we have to support XP and Vista, and for Mac we support Tiger, Leopard, Intel and Power PC Macs… so it’s not just Linux that gives a high number of desktops environments to support.


    (Head of Engineering, Livestation)

    On Compiz, this is a known issue:
    Disable Compiz/Beryl on ATI graphics cards to avoid flickering and overlay issues
    It works fine on ATI so long as no other OpenGL overlay is active.

    You can get disable/enable compiz scripts from:

    * and

    • linuxowns
    • October 2nd, 2008

    Thanks for the feedback.

    It’s great that you don’t let the Linux users out of the equation like most projects usually do.

    I am looking forward to see this project evolve.

    • Pelshval
    • October 3rd, 2008

    Thank you!!!!!

    • davide
    • October 5th, 2008

    It’s great news a linux version of Livestation but I wonder (bad) of site support! User guide do not tell how to unistall software!!! And the preview of channels is possible only with Windows Media Player plugin for the browser…they forget mac&linux users?? I send a email for this to Livestation…can someone figure out how preview with Linux and how unistalling?

  2. They shouldn’t worry about the flickering on ATI cards under Compiz, since it’s not their issue, it’s the ATI drivers + openGL apps.

    I tried it out, like it, but would like a menu entry in Applications 🙂

    • linuxowns
    • October 5th, 2008

    Instructions for a menu entry are in the article.

    • Del
    • December 30th, 2008

    Thanks for the excellent easy to follow installation instructions. I used to watch livestation on vista before switching to ubuntu which I run from 16gb USB stick on my vista machine. The one significant downfall for me is that I cannot hear any sound from any station.

    • linuxowns
    • December 30th, 2008

    If memory serves me well, you’ll need to be using ALSA to use this.

    Simply go to “system -> preferences -> sound” and switch everything to ALSA.

    • Del
    • December 31st, 2008

    Problem solved, on the livestation forum I was advised to restart livestation and close any web browsers that I had open. It fixed it.

    • Steve
    • January 3rd, 2009

    I have installed Livestation on Ubuntu 8.10 AMD64.
    I could not use the ‘double click’ method outlined in this article, as the file tried to open in gedit. So I used the terminal and ran ./ in the directory where I downloaded
    When I try to run Livestation (I type ‘livestation’ at the command line – without the ‘ of course) I get the message
    exec: 5: /usr/local/Livestation/Livestation.bin: not found
    I have checked that Livestation.bin is indeed in that directory.
    Can anyone help me, please?

      • Conslie
      • December 30th, 2010

      Peter, I found your post when searching for a solution to the same problem. Didn’t find an answer online, but did find the solution, so I will post how I got it working.

      Although Livestation had worked on previous versions of Ubuntu based Linux Mint (64 bit), it failed on a new distro, as well as the Debian based LMDE version. I later installed Wine, and during that process noticed that it installed the ia32-libs package. That triggered a faint recollection of reading somewhere that this was needed for 64 bit Linux.

      Try installing the ia32-libs package, and give it a try. There’s a chance that something else in the Wine package is also needed, but I don’t believe so.

      A valuable resource, worth giving the installation of Livestation another try.

    • Manuel Lopez Mateos
    • January 9th, 2009

    After install Livestation in Ubuntu would like to have a livestation.svg icon for the launcher, but can’t find one (neither a livesation.ico). Does somebody knows where the livestation icons are?

  3. Anyone here ever think of they it needs to install as root, why doesn’t allow for usr install?

    I hate none open source progs that demand that one should compromise their security in order to use the prog, gosh!

    It’s enough to make baby jesus cry!

    • Runaway1956
    • January 20th, 2009

    Now I just need to convince it to use Pulseaudio . . . has anyone accomplished that? My hardware/software configuration works 98% with pulse, but doesn’t come close to that with Alsa. ;(

    • Seen
    • March 27th, 2009

    Thanks for all the great work!. I wish to know, does it also supports Linux all versions.. particularly “Ubuntu”?
    which is my OS. Thanks.

  4. I enjoyed Livestation for some months until it started stalling on me. I am using Kubuntu Hardy Heron, regularly updated. A few weeks ago, when I started Livestation, I was told to update to the newest version, 2.7.0 and then it froze. I repeated the instructions you gave, installing the newest version. No go: All channels stall after one minute.
    I increased my bandwidth without any change.

    What happened. Are there any files that are missing somewhere?

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