New flash player 10 RC

The new flash player 10 RC from Adobe is out today.

I have updated my original article, so that one has the instructions to install the lastest version.

Click here to read it.

Again, full screen performance for linux has improved. 🙂

Keep reading for a full list of changes and bugfixes.

* Many Linux camera issues have been fixed. Please report any additional issues you encounter.
* Linux full-screen optimizations have been made. Please report any additional issues you encounter.
* startDrag() does not work when movie clip is 3D. (216415)
* LiveCycle WorkSpace cannot log in using Flash Player 10 Beta. (223394) WORKAROUND: Use Flash Player
* Vector printing on Macs works now!
* New Text Engine: Vector Printing isn’t currently enabled.
* Custom Filters and Effects:
o Mac PPC: Color distortions may appear when applying a Shader. ShaderJob returns unexpected values for some Pixel Bender functions.
o Linux: Shader Jobs may return NaN instead of an expected Number value.
* Drawing API: Strokes are not visible on paths drawn with drawTriangles or GraphicsTrianglePaths. The lineShaderStyle is not implemented in Flash Player 10 Beta.
* Context Menu: The new AS3 Clipboard is currently only working for Mac and Windows. It is not yet working for the Unix players.
* Uploading images using Photoshop Express does not work with Flash Player 10 Beta. (1786882) WORKAROUND: Use Flash Player
* Dynamic Streaming:
o A crash when switching between videos of different resolutions has been fixed.
o A new Play Status event when switching between streams now actually happens: NetStream.Play.TransitionComplete.
o Changing NetStream.BufferTime on the subscriber side of P2P connection, causes video to stop and possible crash
o No NetStream onStatus messages received when using NetStream.pause(), NetStream.resume() or NetStream.togglePause() for P2P connection
o Intermittent crashes/hangs when subscribing/unsubscribing multiple times to P2P NetStream.
o peerStreams array includes null streams in some cases.
* Speex:
o Disconnect and re-connect network on Mac publisher causes sending garbled audio with USB audio devices. (227185)
o Speex audio may deteriorate when computer is overloaded. (222082)
o Peer-to-peer Nellymoser may incur in quality degradation when packets are lost. (222469)
o Soundtransform for Speex does not work in loopback mode
o Linux-specific issues:
+ Flash Player 10 hangs when subscribing to a live audio stream. (222283)
+ Linux subscriber receives deteriorated audio for about 20 seconds when switching from Nellymoser to Speex codec. (222306)
+ Linux Subscriber P2P only: When Nellymoser audio is attached, the video plays slowly on the subscriber side. (222851)
* Video playback issues on PPC Macs have been resolved.

  1. Pertamax… Good info, I would try to install it. Thq.

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