I was very surprised today when I installed the newest “screenlets” version.

The quality of the applets, the number of applets, the way they integrate with your desktop, it’s all done perfectly.

I used lots of “widgets” programs (on kde4, vista, xp) but the newest screenlets version blows all the competition straight out of the water.

I did a piece about Google gadgets a few days ago, well Google’s gadgets aren’t even in the same league. Forget them. You want screenlets.

I’ve complety re-done my desktop today, relying on screenlets to make it work.

This might give you an idea what state the screenlets are in.

The screenlets in the screen shot are all screenlets installed by default.

For installation notes, I’ll send you to “the competition”.

    • David Wang
    • August 8th, 2008

    Could you list the screenlets program used?

    Like the one that browse your application and palces

    and what about the bottom what program is that?

    • linuxowns
    • August 8th, 2008

    The screenlets are called “places” and “applications”.

    They come pre-installed if you followed the installation instructions on the site I referred to.

    The dock is called “cairo dock”.

    I’ve written about his:

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