Miro is a open-source cross-platform application, the program can read RSS feeds and it will let you download and manage the videos in those feeds.

Besides that it can also download videos from url and bittorrent and it will let you import all the videos on your harddrive and create playlists for them.

All of its features can be found on the miro feature page or you can watch a demo here.

I like the program, it well let me search for videos from multiple sources like blip.tv, youtube, google video, dailymotion, …

And now I have nice playlists for my video files, instead of using complicated folder structures in Nautilus.

1. Installation

To install the program in Ubuntu (no other linux distro’s seems to be supported, so not completely cross-platform, but I’m not complaining), you will need to add their repository to synaptic.

It’s all explained in laymen terms on the download page.

2. Usage complaints

When I first ran the application it crashed on my when I tried to watch a video or the video would be unwatchable because the “miro playlist” would be visual behind the video.

It seemed this was because of an bug related to miro and xine. When I told the program to use gstreamer instead, those problems were fixed (in miro, go to videos -> options -> playback).

A final complaint is the fact that I couldn’t find Miro anywhere in the “Applications” menu.

So I had to add it by going to “system -> preferences -> main menu” and adding Miro to the “Sound & Video” submenu of “Applications” (use the command “miro” (without ” “) when you add the program).

3. Look and feel

I think it looks good, but flavors differ.

You can get an idea of how it will look on your pc from these screenshots.


I say give it a try and see if you like it.

If you know other programs like this or have a remark,  feel free to leave a comment.

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