Cracking rar, 7z and zip archives

Everyone comes across password protected archives every now and then.

But what when you can’t remember the password or never knew it?

The easiest thing would be to ask the creator of the archives, but if that’s not possible, it’s time to do a brute force attack on the archive.

I would like to state that this is 100% legal. Don’t presume just because you read “crack” and “brute force” you are doing something illegal.

Download the program “crack rarhere.

The maker(s) of the program defined it as following:

This program uses a brute force algorithm to guess your encrypted compressed file’s password. If you forget your encrypted file password, this program is the solution. This program can crack zip,7z and rar file passwords.

After you downloaded the file, open up a terminal (applications -> accessories) and copy/paste the following.

sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev build-essential

Ok, now it’s time to install the program.

First right-click the downloaded archive and select “extract here”.

Use the cd command to navigate to your folder.

Change “username” to real username. Every folder is case sensitive (desktop is not the same as Desktop).

cd /home/username/Desktop/rarcrack-0.2

Then copy/paste this command

make ; sudo make install

The program should be installed.

Then to crack the file, open a terminal and use the following command.

sudo rarcrack /home/folder/archive.rar

(replace /home/folder/archive.rar with the real path to the archive)

The amount of time it takes to crack an archive can variate from very quick to very long.

I tested the program to crack an archive, the job was done in about 3 minutes.

    • RyanT
    • May 22nd, 2008

    Hmmmm, I tried this but it says I don’t have the right file permissions or that the file doesn’t exist (it definitely does, and I’m sure I have the directory right).

    • linuxowns
    • May 22nd, 2008

    right-click the file and go to properties, somewhere there you should select “allow executing file as program”

    or you could use

    chmod 777 /file/location

    • vishwanath
    • December 1st, 2008

    i hav install rarcrack-0.2-1.1.i586.rpm and not able to crack locked rar files…….
    when i execute the command
    #rarcrack sample.rar
    it is showing output and creating the xml file
    but i m not ablr to open file
    its displaying
    RarCrack! 0.2 by David Zoltan Kedves (

    INFO: detected file type: rar
    INFO: cracking sample.rar, status file: sample.rar.xml
    GOOD: password cracked: ‘1’
    GOOD: password cracked: ‘0’

    and xml file contents is


    • Unkown
    • February 28th, 2009

    it doesnt work on windows OS

    • x103strike
    • July 17th, 2010

    lol ur such an azhol read the topic LINUX

    • Just for help
    • March 24th, 2016

    for the “permission and file existance” error the command of the tool must be like this: “using 7z as archive ext for example”

    sudo rarcrack –type 7z my_file.7z

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