Platform Wars

Every now and then various OS fanboys post something about his OS being the best.

Some guy did it with OSX, another with Vista.

Both were running pretty powerfull machines (vista had quad core and 4gb ram).

I did the same with 757mb ram and an old dual core.

Those fanboys said they could run more than 100 applications with there machines.

Big deal. If you don’t do anything with the apps, that’s not hard at all.

I would like to see them try the same while decoding some HD stuff.

I know it’s pointless, but I opened up all the applications on my mid-end box running ubuntu and made a video off it.

If you looked closely at the video, you see that I was only using about 500mb of ram.

I just ran out of applications to open.

There was some lag in the video (when the cube spins), must be because of gtkrecordmydesktop because it didn’t lag at all when I was using it.

Also, did you guys noticed how I took the 2 best eye candy things (aero and exposé) from OSX and Vista and used them in the video. I could have used other plugins, but I didn’t.

ps: not all applications are shown on the “scale” plugin.

  1. Cool. Ubuntu rocks! ;P

    Maybe you should record it with a manuel camera, instead of using some software to do it. The video lags quite much, but I’m sure it is just YouTube and the screen recording app.

    • linuxowns
    • April 10th, 2008

    Yeah maybe that would have been better.

    You should take a look at this video, this guy run 110 apps like it’s nothing. (actual running applications).

  2. Unfortunately the video has been removed, it would have been good to have watched I reckon.

    • juanfgs
    • April 17th, 2008

    When I’m coding at work, sometimes I don’t realize and I’ve not only opened up browsers of all kind, but also inkscape, gimp, open office, evolution and a truckload of other programs, however the system never feels slow. That’s one of the things I like of GNU/Linux (Also I did some research and I think my PC isn’t Vista-capable, not that I’m interested on installing that thing, but it made me laugh :P).

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