RIP Automatix

As some of you might know already, automatix development has ceased.

Automatix is/was an application that would install codecs and applications.

It was a must have tool in early ubuntu versions but it has been obsolete for a few years now.

In gutsy it was causing more trouble that it’s worth.

Automatix will still work on older ubuntu versions (including gutsy) but it won’t in hardy.

The programs it installs are fairly easy to install manually.
Ubuntu Restricted Extras and Codecs 64bit (Includes Sun Java JRE 6)

Install ubuntu-restricted-extra’s from synaptic.

Acrobat Reader 32bit

It’s in the medibuntu repo.

Swiftweasel Browser 32bit

A ubuntu .deb can be found here.

Swiftweasel Plugins 32bit (Adobe Flash 9, Sun Java 6, MPlayer, MS Fonts)

If you installed those for firefox they should work for swiftweavel, from what I’ve read online.

(those are in the ubunt-restricted-extra’s).

Swiftdove 64bit

A .deb can be downloaded here.

Extra Fonts (including MS Fonts, Liberation Fonts) 64bit

I know the restricted-extras install ms fonts, but if you want more, look here.

Compression 64bit

A .deb file of p7zip-full can be downloaded here. It can also be install from synaptic after adding the medibuntu repo.

Skype 32bit

Use synaptic or add/remove after installing the medibuntu repo.

Google Earth 32bit

Use synaptic or add/remove after installing the medibuntu repo.

dvdrip 64bit

Install if from synaptic after adding libdvdcss2 and libdvdread3 from the medibuntu repo.

The full list of applications it can install can be found here.

You can install all those applications ‘”the correct way”.

Google is your friend and the will help you if you get stuck.

RIP Automatix!

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