Changing fonts.

Allot of people change their gtk themes, icon themes and background but not that many people change their system fonts.

Neither did I, untill I read a post on a forum suggesting to do so.

It makes a difference, a big one!

(click on the pictures to view them full-size)

The default font

Custom font


In ubuntu, you can add fonts by opening a terminal (applications -> accessories) and typing

sudo nautilus

Then navigate to “fonts:///” and add your fonts there. (press the button under the back button to be able to type text).

You can find allot of fonts on

There are some Microsoft fonts in the ‘ubuntu-restricted-extra’ package.

To change the fonts on your ubuntu PC, navigate to “system -> preferences -> appearences” and press the “fonts” tab. From there on out you should be able to figure things out yourself.

note: the font on the second screen shot is called “comic sans ms”

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