Must have live cd’s for the computer savvy kid

A live cd is an operating system and the programs on it you can boot from the cd/dvd drive.
1. A linux distro live cd.

There are dozens, I prefer ubuntu.


To save data on the hard drive if it is failing, to save data if windows refuses to boot up, …

2. The clonezilla live cd

Clonezilla is the opensource answer to norton ghost, and it supports multicasting!

This means faster backups and restores of your drives.

There is a livecd of clonezilla you can download here.

This tool is a must for every computer user’s arsenal.

3. The gparted live cd

This tool can format your harddrives, resize them, repartition, set boot flags, …

4. The super grub disk live cd. 

Windows wont start after partition? Grub spitting out errors?

This tool will help you out.

I know there are allot of other live cd’s but these are the must haves for the local pc whizkid.

    • ridgeland
    • March 15th, 2008

    I like SystemRescueCD as well as Ubuntu in case the GUI (X system) is the problem. SystemRescueCD boots to the command line, something every “Local WhizKid” has mastered. I used it on old equipment where Ubuntu boots up to triple images or just noise lines.

    • linuxowns
    • March 15th, 2008

    I know about that one but only used the programs in the list, so I can’t really advise it.

    However I’m pretty sure it is a good live cd from what I’ve heard from other people.

    The fun thing about open source is there is always something else you can use if you don’t like application x.

  1. I love using my Ubuntu LiveCD. Whenever I’m tired of Windows crapping out on me for something stupid, Ubuntu comes in and I’m back to my work!

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