Firefox 3 beta 4

It’s not in the ubuntu repositories, but it’s pretty simple to install.

Follow the steps provided to install firefox 3 beta 4 on your pc.

 1. Backup

It’s advised to back up your .mozilla/firefox folder located in your home directory so you can restore it if needed.

Press “ctrl + h” to view your hidden files.

2. Install

Copy/paste this command in a terminal window (applications -> accesories)

wget -P ~ && tar xjf ~/firefox-3.0b4.tar.bz2 -C ~


This will dowload firefox 3 beta 4 and extract that archive to your home directory.

Downloads are a bit slow (20-50 kbs) but the file is only a few mb. I guess there ftp server is getting allot of traffic.

3. Adding to menu

Go to “system -> preferences -> main menu”.

Left click the word “Internet” in the left colum.

Then press “new item” in the right colum of the window.

Enter this:

– Firefox 3 beta 4
– /home/yourusernamehere/firefox/firefox
– Web browser


4. Delete the firefox-3.0b4.tar.bz2 in your home folder.

5. Note on using beta 4

Close other firefox browsers before running firefox 3 beta 4.

After launching for it for the first time it will ask you to check for updates for you non beta 4 compliant add-ons.

And will then show you a “welcome” screen.


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