Screenlets/widget layer

Much like vista’s sidebar and it’s screenlets (or whatever they call it) there is Screenlets for linux.

It’s not in the repo’s yet so we’re going to use the terminal (Applications -> accessories -> terminal )to install it. (copy/paste without the numbers in front of them, and pressing enter after each command)

1. sudo su -c ‘echo deb gutsy screenlets >> /etc/apt/sources.list’
2. wget -O- | sudo apt-key add –
3. sudo apt-get update
4. sudo apt-get install screenlets
5. mkdir ~/.config/Screenlets
6. mkdir ~/.config/autostart

Ok, you now have screenlets you can add.

But I find that screenlets just clutter the destkop and I don’t like that.

So if you are using compiz fusion and have added ccsm , you can use the screenlets on a widget layer.


That would mean that you don’t have any screenlets on you desktop, but if you press F9, the background gets greyed out and all the screenlets are shown.

To use this feature go to “system -> preferences -> advanced desktop effects settigns”, look for Regex Matching and enable it.

Then enable the widget layer and press on the button to open it’s options.

Go to “the behaviour” tab and in the “widget windows” enter “” (without the ” “).

To use the layer press F9.

Now you can start adding screenlets.

The program is found under “system -> preferences -> screenlets”.

There you can select a number of screenlets, but it’s expected you add some more.

Alot of screenlets can be found here.

Installing screenlets can be a bit tricky. If you encounter an error saying it can’t install, remove the numbers and the – before it’s name.

If it still won’t install, untar it. take a gandor at the folders name and rename the .tar.gz to match that name.

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