Wine Doors

Winedoors aim is to make installing programs in wine an easy task, and it succeeds.

Discription from their site .

Wine-doors is an application designed to make installing windows software on Linux, Solaris or other Unix systems easier. Wine-doors is essentially a package management tool for windows software on Linux systems. Most Linux desktop users are familiar with package management style application delivery, so it made sense to apply this model to windows software.

Wine-doors works by leveraging the exquisite software, libraries and tools created over at WineHQ, there are also plans to support Cedega, cvscedega and Crossover Office.

Wine-doors is developed and styled to fit in with the GNOME desktop but is fairly portable and a user interface could be developed for KDE. As a GNOME application Wine-doors employs pygtk, glade and cairo to represent itself to the user, we also endeavour to follow the tango style guidelines for application icon artwork.

Aside from this the main goals of wine-doors are as follows;

  • Replace winetools
  • Allow flexible application management
  • Provide Queue processing capability
  • Provide Application Database integration
  • Avoid global native overrides
  • Automatically add items to the desktop menus
  • Allow users to manage their windows applications with profiles and bottles

Grab the deb file (gusty/feisty 32/64bit) here:

It’s a .deb so you only need to double-click to install it (think microsoft .exe done the right way).


wine doors

 Software list

– firefox 2.0
– firefox 1.5
– Internet Explorer 6
– Opera 9
– Quicktime 7
– Winamp 5
– Windows Media Player 6
– 7zip 4
– Dvd Decrypter 3
– DreamWeaver 8
– Flash 8
– Total Commander 7
– Edora 7
– Cdex 1
– 3D Mark 2000 2000
– Apophysis 2
– Art Rage 2 Free Edition 2
– MetaTrader 4
– SketchUp 6
– Winrar 3.71
– Ares 2
– Mozilla ActiveX Control 1.7
– Visual C++ runtime libraries 6
– lots of fonts
– Common Controls 5
– Dcom 98
– Microsoft Jet 4
– MSXML 4 and 3
– Windows Installer 2
– … (including wine supported games)

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  1. April 2nd, 2008

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