Remove kde4 stable

Have you installed kde4 on your ubuntu box and you want if off your system asap?

I installed kde4 on top of the normal ubuntu (aka the gnome version), so I don’t know if this is usable for kubuntu.

In your gnome session, open a terminal and past this

sudo aptitude purge kde4 kde4-core



You might also want to remove the kde4 repository for obvious reasons.

Go to “system -> administration -> synaptic package manager”.

Once in synaptic click  “settings -> repositories -> third party software” and remove the one that mentions kde4.


Then press the reload button on synaptic.

  1. Thank you! Kde 4 is too bad! Many bugs!

    • ranJan
    • March 14th, 2008

    kde4 is shit.
    mar ’08

  2. thanks alot 😉

  3. KDE 4 isn’t that it’s bad. Alot of people went to install it, KNOWING it was a beta. Hello.. beta means still TESTING! If you not an experienced K/Ubuntu user, forget it.

    John K
    Reg’d Linux User

    • linuxowns
    • June 26th, 2008

    The version I was talking about was the stable 4.0, but your right, it felt more like a beta.

    I heard kde 4.1 is better and the kde version in OpenSuse 11 looks promising.

  1. February 1st, 2008

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