KDE 4.0

The newest version of kde is out.

The newest version of the popular kde is out and it looks great!

How do I install this?

1. Go to syptic. Go to settings -> repositories -> third party software -> add and enter this:

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu gutsy main

Then reload synaptic (top left)

2. Open up a terminal and enter this:

sudo aptitude install kde4-core

3. Log out. Go to sessions and select kde4. Log in.

The new kde version is faster than the older versions, it has build in 3d effects (without compiz) and has a new filemanager (dolphin).

For webrowsing there is still konqueror and most of the usual kde programs are there too.

I installed it successfully on my laptop but the installation didn’t go very well on my desktop pc.

There were display problems and I was not able to fix them.

There are still alot of bugs in kde4 stable (ironicly). I believe my display setting were fixable but when I went to the display program I got errors. Every single time. For some reason alot of programs got question marks instead of their own icons. And the “start-menu” is horrible.

Therefore I suggest to wait untill version 4.1 (summer 2008) to install the thing. If you already use kde, stick with 3.x.x for now.

I was really looking forward for this one but it was a real bummer. However that was to be expected judging by the extremely bad release candidate 2.


Some common problems and their fixes:

1. My panel dissapears.

rm ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma*

It’s advised to not do that command while Plasma is running. (It most propably wont work.)
So better go into another enviroment to do that command.

2. The new menu is so bad it isn’t usable.

Right-click and remove it.

Right-click the destkop and drag this widget to the panel “Application Launcher Menu”.

3. The basic widgets suck.

sudo apt-get install extragear-plasma

4. I can’t open programs that require root access!

Open it using sudo in the terminal.

5.  Getting Compiz Fusion to work under kde4.


I haven’t tried this one out.

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