Adding Sound To Video

A while back I talked about gtkrecordmydesktop. The programs seems to have trouble recording sound.

I got it to actually record my destkop with the music I played but the sound was to silent.

So i’ll explain how to add sound to video in ubuntu (will work for other distro’s as well).

In short:

1. Use gtkrecordmydestkop to record you desktop of use another soundless video you want to add sound to.
3. Convert from ogg theora to avi (or wanted video format)
2. Instal Avidemux and use it to add sound.

In detail.

1. Install gtkrecordmydestkop from add/remove or synaptic. Make sure the sound box isn’t selected. This can cause the video to decode endelessly after you are done recording and the sound might not work.

2. Download and install winff here. Pick the .deb file. Double click the file and install it.
3. Install Avidemux from add/remove or Synaptic.


1. Have the file you want.

2. If the file is in theora (.ogg) convert it.

Go to Applications -> Sound and Video -> Winff


– Use the add button to select your video.
– Use the dropdown menu to select the wanted video format (here it is xvid in avi 16:9)
– Set the folder where the video should be saved in “output folder”
– Press the convert button.
– Depending on the size this can take a while.

3. Open up avidemux.


– Go to Audio -> Main Track.
– Select the kind of audio format (most likely external mp2/3)
– Press the play button to start encoding.
– You should here the audio while encoding. (not all mp3 files will work, most will)
– Save the file.


For test reasons I made a recording from my desktop and added sound to it.

Here it is:

You might see some lag in the video playback from the rambo HD trailer. This is because ofgtkrecordmydesktop, it’s not that like that in “reality”.

  1. How’s things?, sometimes I get a 404 server message when I browse this page. Just a heads up, regards

  2. I hope your knowledge gets spread around so a lot of people can see what the real problems are in this situation.

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