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Gimp tips

I used to use Photoshop allot on windows xp and vista and was not quite happy about the Gimp at first. However after reading some tutorials and just messing with the program I found it to be a decent replacement for photoshop.

The basic gimp isn’t good enough since the brushes are pretty weak, the windows are all over the place and the linux fonts aren’t that great.

But hey, the www is a big place and there is always someone somewhere who has a solution.

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Ubuntu Tweak

Ubuntu Tweak 0.2 is a nice little program to change some of the basic compiz fusion effects. It does a few other things also like:

- nautilus and gnome settings
- basic security settings
- power management
- sessions control
- desktop icon settings.

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Transform Ubuntu to OSX Leopard.

I’m not a mac fan whatsoever, I even prefer windows to osx, but you can’t deny that SOME of the apple people have creative artwork.

Just as I informed you how to transform ubuntu to a vista-clone, i’ll be doing the same for the leopard lovers.

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After letting you guys know about Netscape Navigator 9 yesterday I browsed the web a bit more in search of other linux browsers.

I came across a GREAT webbrowser called Flock.

It is again based on the great master Firefox, but it is intended to be a great social network/blog/friends/… browser.

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Netscape Navigator 9

I was tired of Firefox today and was searching for alternate browser. Epiphany is too basic, I never liked opera so I was thinking about netscape.

I never used it and was under the impression you needed to pay for it. Well, I was wrong, it’s free.

It based on firefox code, so i feels the same as firefox with some netscape only stuff on it. You can still use all the firefox add-ons (adblock plus :p ) so you can use navigator 9 as effectively as firefox.

I been using it for a couple of hours now today and I like it. For some reason I get some warm glowy fuzzy 1995 feeling every time I see the words Netscape.

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