Forget convertxtodvd for windows, here comes mandvd!

I saw it on getdeb and decided to install it. Oh man, was I glad I did.

It let’s you convert .avi, .mpg, … to dvd format.

It’s not in the repositories but grab the .deb installer here.

Download the file to the desktop –> double click it –> install package -> done.

The file will be in applications –> sound and video –> mandvd

The first thing I noticed was how great I looks. See what I mean.


(note: a little language glitch)

Some of it’s features:

– Convert multiple videos to the dvd format
– Add Subtitles
– Sync Audio and Video
– Remove logos from the screen
– Remove “noise” from the video
– Cut part out of the video
– Add chapters
– Make a slideshow
– Add a intro video
– Make a dvd menu
– Add pictures and music to that dvd menu
– Supports multiple cpu’s
– …
Negative points:

– Some language glitches (nothing that serious)
– For some reason the program doesn’t like to be minimized (you can’t do it)

I haven’t actually converted a video with it yet but from what I have been reading it does the job like it should.

Thing to know:

– Even with a fast computer, converting will take a long time (this is where your expensive hardware pays off!)
– Always burn a dvd at a low speed

  1. Is this piece of software going to be updated? Its a great app, but I can’t stand the language glitches and the minimize bug.

    • linuxowns
    • January 18th, 2008

    I don’t have a clue. I hope so.

  2. ManDVD rools the planet!

  3. I know I am kind of late with my reaction but I just found out about your blog.
    Did you know a new version of MAN DVD is available?
    I think it solves at least the minimize problem.

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