Converting .rpm to .deb

Ever came across an program or other utility you wanted but they only offer .rpm files for linux?

Well thanks to TrakerJon on I found an easy way to convert those files to .deb.

I’ll just be copy pasting this from here, so all questions should be asked there.

1. Alien Installation

Alien is available in the normal Debian repositories, so we can install it like this:

apt-get install alien

2. Converting .rpm To .deb

Next we download the current <file name>.rpm package:

cd /tmp

wget ux/<file name>.rpm

To convert it into a .deb package, we simply run

alien <file name>.rpm

Afterwards, run

ls -l

in the /tmp directory, and you’ll see that alien has created the file <file name>.deb. You’ll also notice that alien has counted up the version number, it’s now 1.1-2 instead of 1.1-1. If you want to keep the original version number, you must use the -k switch:

alien -k <file name>.rpm

will create the file <file name>.deb

To install the new .deb file, we use dpkg -i:

dpkg -i <file name>.deb

Now <file name> is installed and fully functional (you still might have to edit its configuration file though).

If you want to save the dpkg -i step, you can have alien install the package. The command

alien -i <file name>.rpm

will convert the original rpm package and immediately install it.

That’s it.

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