After letting you guys know about Netscape Navigator 9 yesterday I browsed the web a bit more in search of other linux browsers.

I came across a GREAT webbrowser called Flock.

It is again based on the great master Firefox, but it is intended to be a great social network/blog/friends/… browser.

It has to much nice features to list here but if you use Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, … a lot you’re going to want this browser.

I made a little screenshot so you can see some of the sweetness.

Flock 1.0

How do I install all of this social sweetness I hear you say?

Well, since it’s not in the repositories you are going to have to download it on the flock website.

– download it to your desktop
– right click the file and choose “extract here”
– rename the folder to .flock (don’t forget the dot)
– copy/paste it to the home folder
– hover mouse above the main menu and choose edit menu.
– choose internet on the left and pick “new item” on the right.

Fill this in:
Type: application
Name: Flock 1.0
Command: /home/username/.flock/flock
Comment: Flock Web Browser
Click the icon: and give this /home/username/.flock/icons/mozicon128.png

Done. You now have a nice entry for it in applications -> internet.

The next thing you need to do is install flash for Flock.

The flash installer for linux doesn’t let you pick to install it to flock, so I needed to get down and dirty with nautilus, but I found a why do make flash work.

– go to terminal and type:
sudo nautilus

-navigate to

– copy the file that mentiones flash

– navigate to /home/username/.flock/plugins

– paste the file

– restart browser

Done. I just copied all the files from /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins hoping that it would enable totem support for flock, but that didn’t seem to work. Anyway, if you need to watch a video from stage6, do this.

– copy the file location (the button next to the big play button IN the video screen)
– open totem or vlc and paste that address.
– enjoy video

(if you see embedded stage6 videos, chances are there is a “download this video” link underneath the video. This link location can be pasted into totem or vlc too.)

If there isn’t such a link under the video do this.

– view the source code (right click in the website – view source code)
– press ctrl+f
– search for divx
– search for the link
– play that in a video player.

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