Netscape Navigator 9

I was tired of Firefox today and was searching for alternate browser. Epiphany is too basic, I never liked opera so I was thinking about netscape.

I never used it and was under the impression you needed to pay for it. Well, I was wrong, it’s free.

It based on firefox code, so i feels the same as firefox with some netscape only stuff on it. You can still use all the firefox add-ons (adblock plus :p ) so you can use navigator 9 as effectively as firefox.

I been using it for a couple of hours now today and I like it. For some reason I get some warm glowy fuzzy 1995 feeling every time I see the words Netscape.

Netscape was the first ever decent web browser in the world, in the mid 90s it had over 85% of the browser market. That all changed after the first browser war. You can read more about Netscape and it’s history here.

So now, after all these years, Netscape navigator 9 is out (previous versions were rubbish) and I for one will be using it.

So how do you install it? Well it isn’t in the repositories so you’ll going to go windows on it (go to website and download files).

1. Go to and download the file

2. Right-click the file and choose “extract here”

3. Cut the navigator folder

4. Go to your home folder and past the folder.

5. Rename the folder to .navigator (don’t forget the dot!)

6. Now you have to make an menu entry. So hover your mouse above “applications”, right-click and choose edit menus.

7. Select “Internet” on the left and then “new entry” on the right.

8. Then fill it out like this

Type: Application
Name: Netscape Navigator
Command: /home/YOUR_USER_NAME/.navigator/navigator
Comment: Web Browser

The icon is located in /home/YOUR_USER_NAME/.navigator/icons/mozicon50.xp m

The second thing you will need to do is install flash support for NN9.

1. Go here and download the .tar.gz file to your desktop.

2. Right-click the file and choose “extract here”.

3. Double click the folder and double click the installer.

4. Run it in terminal.

5. Follow the text installer and make sure you choose to install it for netscape navigator.

6. Done

Netscape Navigator 9

I changed the icon for the awn dock to the one found here.

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